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Regulations and Conditions

Award 1 Million Euro "Göde Prize for Gravity Research"


Göde Award registry form

Application FormGöde Award Gravity Research


1. General description:

The "Göde reward for gravity research" is an innovative prize. The intent of this prize is to influence gravity with presently unknown methods. Applicants must successfully design, construct and complete an experiment with specified performance characteristics. A 20 gram heavy device or the assembly itself, is required to float freely at least 1 minute at a minimum distance of 10 cm from any surface.

Applicants must submit an operating assembly that is capable to prove that the experiment exclusively has direct influence on gravity.

Experiments, that deviate from the target setting, but reveal a clear effect regarding gravity (gravity impulse), can be submitted. The committee decides, if the experiment can participate unscheduled. Applicants cannot claim acceptance.

Levitation effects, based on traditional effects such as aerodynamic, magnetism or electricity are excluded. Experiments which fully and/or partly lead back to traditional standards are subject for selection by the committees decision. The proposed device will be reproduced and tested for performance and functionality by the Wissenschafts-Stiftung.

2. Committee and award.

The committee consists of an advisory committee, members of the GÖDE-Stiftung staff and independent scientists. Decisions whether applicants have met the award specifications will be made solely according to the judgment of the committee. The award of the price - 1 Million Euro - takes place within a public event and presentation of the submitted experiment.

3. Application

The application must be in writing on paper. E-mail applications or facsimiles are not accepted. Parties interested can download the application form at the institute Website as a Word or PDF document. It must be clearly legible and completely filled out.

Download application form here:

The application and accompanying documents are required to be written in English or German language.

* Applications and documents (photo, measurement records, proof of gravity influence, etc. must be submitted to the GÖDE-Stiftung, hereafter applications are selected
for participation.

* The proposed experiment has to be ready on call at any time and ready to be demonstrated and fully functional within three weeks time at the GÖDE-Stiftung. The committee decides in awarding the prize.

* The application documents are not returned to sender.

* All personal data remain at the GÖDE-Stiftung without beeing handed over to third parties.

* Amendments are not accepted after receipt of the application documents. Exception hereto, if committee requires additional information of the work/experiment submitted.

4. Participation

Entitled to take part are all persons, independent of occupation and academic degree, age or nationality. Co-workers of the GÖDE-Stiftung and their relatives are excluded. Only one project can be submitted as individual or group of applicants. Groups applying must designate a group speaker.

5. Copyrights

The applicant confirms that he is author of the work and that rights are not assigned to a third party. Demands of a third party are not transferable to the GÖDE-Stiftung. The applicant agrees with his application that the GÖDE-Stiftung can reproduce and publish the project.

Applications or components, protected through patent, copyright or under licence procedures, are accepted under those provisions that the applicant acknowledges the regulations of the participation procedures. If the applicant is not owner of the patent or copyright, he has to provide a written declaration of consent by the owner, together with the application documents of the patent and/or copyright, agreeing that the GÖDE-Stiftung can reproduce and/or publishes the project.

6. Nonliability

The GÖDE-Stiftung is not responsible for damages in case of loss, theft or unintentional damage of the experimental equipment.The GÖDE-Stiftung takes no responsibility for delay or loss of application documents, exchange of letters or other form of communication.

7. Authorization

With the applicant’s signature on the application and in participating, the guidelines of the GÖDE-Stiftung are accepted. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

Statement pertaining the time period.
Parameters had been selected, that obviously and doubtlessly a influence of the gravitational force are recognized and known phenomena are excluded. With this award we would like to offer an incentive to make the “Impossible possible”.
We are aware that influencing gravity in this manner has definitely never been observed.
Assuming that the "puzzle of gravity" will not be solved within a foreseeable time, we decided to announce the price award as permanent .