The award “Gravity Effects at Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)”

Press release published on the 6th of January 2006The award  “Gravity Effects at Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)” is completed.
The prize has been awarded to Dr. Veniamin Filimonov (alternative notation of surname “ Filimonau “ ) who attended the ceremony  personally.

Dr. Michael Göde presenting Dr. Veniamin Filimonov the with 10,000 Euro endowed award.

The GÖDE-Stiftung, institute for gravity research at Waldaschaff has ambitious goals: With there engagement they are contributing into the research of Earth’s gravity force, one of the last large secrets of physics.

Dr. Michael Göde, primarily a mercantilist and world-wide third biggest provider of collectible articles, operates the foundation at own expense. The foundation is resided within the complex of the Bayerisches Muenzkontor at Waldaschaff, where they operate a laboratory, with special experimental equipment  and a small staff of physicists. “. Göde’s goal is to allow intelligent heads lateral thinking – scientifically based and not always on the well-known scientific paths “.

On this background the scientific foundation awarded 10,000 €- prize money. The required subject:  “Gravitation effects with low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) “.

The prize addresses scientists, able to experimentally prove these gravity effects.

Just recently this price was given to Dr. Veniamin Filimonov,  University of Minsk, Belarus. He studied physical chemistry at Minsk and received his doctorate degree in 1985. Dr. Filimonov works on electrolytic cells producing  hydrogen.

In order to clarify these coherences, Dr. Filimonov developed four different experiments which can now be realised with the prize money.

As the speed of light is not a constant , the force of gravity , at a closer glance, is also not a constant “, so Wolfram Bahmann, chairman of the scientific foundation.

The small team of the institute performs for almost six years theoretical and experimental science on gravitational force. Earth’s gravity is known as a natural attracting force, being less researched  than electricity, magnetism and nuclear power.

Gravity Effects at Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), Dr. Veniamin Filimonov, Belarus

Measurement of the Gravitation Constant at Sub-Atomic Distances, Jacques Dufour, Frankreich

Experiment zur Erzeugung von Gravitationsanomalien durch Beeinflussung des Quantenvakuums,
Dr. Thilo Hinterberger, Deutschland

Chemistry and Nuclear Nature of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, Prof. Belobrzeckaja, Italien
Note: The authors of submitted experiment-proposals  gave  their consent for publication.